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semedo seems fine... aa positionil nerathe kalichittullavarude levelil ethaan lesham time edukkum... still he is on all 4 cylinders all the time... dembele disappointed yesterday... it was messi show all the way... the two goals & the one in between too, all had his seal on them... buffon poleyoru experienced keeperne njetticha goals... i think, changing messi's position inwards from the wing, valverde has found a way to unleash the devil in him... against betis 3 on the post, 2 against alaves, 3 against expanyol & 2 against juve... right side-il semedo-dembele, left side-il alba-suarez... seems like this will be yet another barca season unless of course the over-dependence on him proves fatal...
Messi over work cheyyendi varum , World Cup year aanu ...gas out aavaathirunnaal mathi
He along with Iniesta simply outclassed Juve